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My house, why storage trumps fancy appliances!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

In this episode of Houzz TV Live, English interior designer Emma Merry gives a virtual tour of spaces she recently updated inside her classic Tudor home. A hardworking laundry room and mudroom features lots of custom storage, including a dedicated cabinet to store and charge a vacuum cleaner. Emma also installed a heated tow rack — typically found in bathrooms — to help air-dry delicate clothes and bedding. Wood-look tile in a chateau pattern adds style.

In the once-dark entryway, Emma replaced a wall with glass doors to bring in more light and put emphasis on several original solid oak doors with iron

hardware. Pullout drawers beneath a staircase add storage for shoes for the family of four. Wallpaper on Emma's home office ceiling and accenting one of her son’s bedroom walls give a playful touch to the elegant home.

Click below to watch the interview in full

As always renovations can seem rather daunting and If you've read this far your probably feeling overwhelmed and I don't blame you as a studio we create on average 24 room designs every year and we learn something new every day.

Which is why we are so proud to launch our new service the pre-build consultancy, we aim to highlight the potential pitfalls when undertaking a house extension /renovation before you start. Within this 2 hour session, we examine the architect's plans, with a view to futureproofing your home. Focusing on how you will live in the space on a daily basis.

Our key objective is to ensure each room scheme works together with design continuity.

Once the session concludes we send you over a full video link to watch back at your leisure as the information comes thick and fast and we don't want you to miss a beat.

Head over to our services page and hit the contact us tab to book your session and get your project underway.

That’s all folks! I really hope you found the piece interesting, and as always I’m happy to answer any further questions you may have or head over to email – All images & mood board copyright are owned by Emma merry styling except where noted. Please make sure you credit and tag if you use them. Thank you. x

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