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Is Pink passe?

We dont think so, as it's this weeks headline feature in the Moods series. MINI MOODS is a series of curated homeware items and coordinating paint colors.

Curated by the team at Emma Merry styling to inspire you when updating your home.

With the days getting lighter, have you noticed your living spaces are feeling a little stale? Yes but don't warrant a complete redesign? more like a mini mood lift?

We feel Mini moods will be the perfect fit for you!

I’ve created a series of products & coordinating room colors to allow you to update your home with the click of a button. We have curated a selection of complementary products that can be added to your home, resulting in a fresh feeling. There is also the option to take it one step further and freshen up the walls with the suggested paint color. I’m so pleased with the results of these color-popping inspiration boards, that I’ve made a few orders for the studio.

We really hope this series inspires you to “ sprinkle some Emma Merry styling magic” on your home . Please note that we have used affliate links within this post. xx

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