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How to Gallery wall art, to reflect your personality.

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I’ve always had a phobia of gallery walls. I know, ridiculous right?

I just don’t have the patience to measure and plan and mock-up, and that is exactly why they never worked. Until a few years ago when I developed the magic formula following the two simple rules below and now I’m all over a gallery wall!

Meet ‘Minimal’ and ‘Horizon’ your gallery wall décor buddies for the foreseeable.

If you have a formal transitional space like stairways, landing and hallways stick to the Minimal approach. The artwork is displayed in grid format, so the eye can register it easily, great for displaying images of the same genre, colour or tone like photography.

The Horizon display works from a central horizontal line that each piece falls from, this is great for use in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms or places where you would natural linger for longer to view the images. In this formation, I would also mix different types of artwork combining printed photographs, line drawings and textured paintings.

When specifying gallery walls for clients and even in my own home, I often start with the budget. Art can range from £6.00 to £6,0000. I really believe every home should have wall décor, be it posters and fun framed drawings from the kids, to detailed watercolours.

Artwork for projects is often the starting point for a design. We build the fabric and furnishings around the colours in the art. However, as the project progresses and the building works start to take their toll on the budget inevitably it is the artwork that is for the chopping board. Our hero pieces are often left on the sidelines until funds are replenished, leaving the room without its anchor. Which makes me really sad, I’m a huge fan of wall décor, art and prints that make you happy, but they have to be affordable enabling you to finish the room. These form the basis of your gallery wall with a space reserved for the big-ticket item later down the line.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Posterlounge to showcase what you can do with just £100 to purchase prints, giving you a great variety of stunning artwork in your finished spaces. These prints come in a range of posters, aluminium, wood, acrylic, prints and the great edition of canvases, I mix and match materials for a more eclectic vibe.

The beautiful scheme below is one I have designed for my own hallway, I’m so excited to start mounting them all and mark out where they will be hung. This is a high traffic area and often a place where we will stand to chat at the doorway, or when coming home on a wet November night to reach for the lamp and have this beautiful curation illuminated before my eyes will be a real treat.

However, until the hallway space is complete they will be keeping me company in my office.

Another space I would recommend using Posterlounge is for styling kids rooms. It can be difficult to future proof with their taste constantly evolving. I love a black and white combo that is kind of crazy eclectic (especially for my boys) as this will honestly appeal longer than a character poster that will lose its novelty within a few months.

The below scene has been designed for our home office that is in need of an edgy vibe. It's now used five days a week by my husband and we plan to incorporate a whiteboard into the middle of this gallery wall, hoping it will become invisible with the other black and white elements.

If you would like to purchase any of the above prints, Posterlounge ship all over Europe. I can offer you the discount code EMMAMERRY15 which you can enter at the checkout.

• 15% off

• Redeemable on all our platforms, for example,

• On our entire assortment, excluding gift vouchers

• Valid from 17.06.2020 and until 28.06.2020

That’s all folks! I really hope you found the piece interesting, and as always I’m happy to answer any further questions you may have or head over to email – All images & mood board copyright are owned by Emma merry styling except where noted. Please make sure you credit and tag if you use them. Thank you. x

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